Japan Coast

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As a photographer I try to build my own the same cocoon wherever I go in the world. Even though I try to create similar conditions in every location to take photos, my work is heavily influenced by the specificity of the place and the time period. Due to this transformation, my work attains the characteristics of the city as well.

Every city has its own mysterious and original spirit when you try to dig up a little to see the things under the surface, and these originality cause small changes in my work while building my cocoon.

When I try to see what is going on under the surface, ironically I feel myself touching the existential forms of the human beings that are very similar in its basics. In every touch I see similarities of the people in the world clearly.

It is very easy to talk about the visual, formal, auditory differences, however these are the differences depending on the logical perception and are very formal. I would like to mention the sensuous and intuitive differences since according to my point of view, to create a visuality depending on the mental perception is a very crude documentation without touching the essence of the place.

What are these sensuous and intuitive differences then? For my point of view, while trying to reach the very similarities, those very basics and the instinctive existence between the people in the world, photographer feels.

Silva Bingaz, 2010 

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