Silva Bingaz (b. Malatya), a photographer of Turkish and Armenian origins, lives and works in Istanbul. In her works, she attempts to reveal the human soul in the simplest way possible by focusing on its created values and efforts to protect itself from the hierarchy imposed by authority. Her images of urban landscapes and portraits of individuals allude to birth and death, masculinity and strength, and love and the unknown, all while searching to lift the veil on a city, beyond the specifics of time and place.

The solo exhibitions include “Beyan”, Riverrun, Istanbul (2019); “Loss”, Empire Projects, Istanbul (2017); “Balat”, Öktem&Aykut, Istanbul, (2015); “Coast of the East”, Pilevneli Project, Istanbul (2013); “Beyan”, Diyarbakır Photography Festival, Diyarbakır (2013); “Coast” & “Beyan”, Fotoğrafevi, Istanbul (2011); “Japan Works”, EU-Japan Festival, Tottori (2011); “Japan Works”, European Capital of Culture, Istanbul (2010); “Coast”, Photo Biennial, Thessaloniki (2008); “Coast”, ULİS Fotofest, DEPO, Istanbul (2007); “Beyan”, Minister of Culture Galleries, Sofia and Plovdiv (2004).

Recent group exhibitions include “Istanbuls Today”, Pera Museum, Istanbul (2022); “Nu pour tous, tous pour nu!”, Espaces Sinibaldi, Arles (2022); “True Love Leaves No Traces”, Galerist, Istanbul (2022); “Critical Distance”, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul (2017); “Meadow of the Tempest”, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul (2015); “Journeys: Wanderings in Contemporary Turkey”, Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris (2012); “Uncanny Encounters”, İstanbul Modern, Istanbul (2011); “Neighbourhood”, Istanbul (2009); “EU Women”, NY Photofestival, Ideal Glass Gallery, New York (2008); “EU Women”, Galerie Cobertura, Sevilla; Les Instant Chavirés, Paris; and Foto Festival Lodz (2007).

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